Alexis Jones

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April 26, 2019

As a tour guide with the Seahawk Admissions Network for Diversity, Alexis Raeana Jones ’19 has observed the steady change of the campus. During the past year, she has witnessed growth from a different viewpoint, working as an intern on the construction of Veterans Hall.
“Knowing the resources that Veterans Hall will have makes me excited for the incoming students and underclassmen,” said Jones. “I can’t wait to come back in April 2020 to see the finished product, knowing I had a hand in the project.”
Jones accepted an internship with a Native American-owned construction management firm, Metcon, one of the companies involved in the Veterans Hall project. She is the only woman on site representing Metcon. Jones’s responsibilities include reviewing contract documents and closeouts, administering safety meetings and performing site audits.
“It’s empowering to know I am breaking stereotypes for women in construction,” she said. “Our presence is important and makes a difference. This experience has also allowed me to encourage other women in STEM to pursue jobs in construction.”
Jones feels a connection to the land and an obligation to protect the earth due to her Native American heritage. When deciding her major at UNCW, she focused on environmental science with a concentration in conservation. Jones, a member of the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina, plans to work with an environmental/civil engineering firm or Navy Civilian Corps after graduation.
Jones also hopes to pursue her passion for singing. She recently competed on ABC’s “American Idol.”
“Throughout my four years at this institution, I have had professors support me throughout my extracurricular activities outside of UNCW, such as my participation on ABC's ‘American Idol’ and my musical journey,” she said. “I want to continue to promote my talent as a professional singer while representing indigenous women in STEM and protecting Mother Earth.”
-- Venita Jenkins