Jeremy Markus Jones ’18

August 7, 2018

Jeremy Markus Jones ’18 has Seahawk roots that extend all the way to his Jacksonville, N.C. home. His mother Rejeanna Jones ’90 is a UNCW alumna. His brother Christian plans to enroll in 2019. Those connections have inspired Jeremy to include UNCW in one of his life’s biggest moments. On August 13, Jones became one of the few and the proud Seahawks in UNCW history to be commissioned on campus as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps.

“I wanted to be a Marine Corps officer, but I didn’t know different routes that you could take to become a marine officer,” said Jones. “I knew after college you could commission and go on to the next phase of training.”

Jones was contacted by an Officer Selection Officer in Raleigh regarding the Platoon Leadership Course program on select campuses, including UNCW. The PLC program enabled Jones, an oceanography major, to complete training while in school, allowing him to commission immediately after graduating from UNCW.

Jones said the Office of Military Affairs has been instrumental in providing him with the support to complete his studies while fulfilling military requirements. He also credits the assistance of the UNCW Student Veteran Organization, which helps veterans return to civilian life and sponsors multiple family-friendly activities.

Jones hopes others will choose to commission at UNCW. He has devoted the majority of his time this summer to perfecting his ceremony, knowing the precedent he will set for future Seahawks.

“I’m still trying to wrap my mind around it. I’m privileged to use UNCW as my commissioning site,” said Jones. “I love the campus and think Hoggard Lawn is beautiful.”

Jones invited the campus community to attend the ceremony. He hopes that current and future students are inspired to consider military service.

“They may discover they have what it takes.”

-- Brandon Sans ’19