Lee Iapalucci '18

June 15, 2020

Lee Iapalucci '18 has gone from a student at UNCW to an alumnus to a staff member and may become a student again. One goal that he hopes to pursue soon is obtaining a master's degree from UNCW.

After graduating in May 2018 with a bachelor’s in business administration with a concentration in marketing strategy and a minor in Spanish, he moved to the Raleigh area and worked in the hospitality industry. He said he desperately missed Wilmington and desired to "give back" to his alma mater by returning as a staff member.

He joined the Cameron School of Business staff in November 2019 as the web developer and digital marketing coordinator, and said the biggest adjustment in going from student to staff has been learning the "behind the scenes" part of the university.

“As a student, you only see one side, and now I get to be a part of planning the events and putting my ideas into action. It's rewarding knowing that efforts on my end can positively benefit a student's educational journey. I was in the position they are not even two years ago,” Iapalucci said.

Like many working Americans, Iapalucci has had to adjust to teleworking because of the global pandemic. He is appreciative of his colleagues keeping in contact and planning team meetings to chart progress.

“At this point, I’ve worked from home almost as long as I worked in the office,” he said. “Most of my work has been easy to transition online as most of it is digital work. I’m thankful for my team and how communicative CSB has been through this adjustment.”

A “typical” day for Iapalucci includes a protein smoothie, avocado toast and music to get him going. The avid music fan “would pay a lot of money to see the late musician Mac Miller once again. “I had the honor of seeing him twice while he was still with us and his music is something that I turned to throughout high school and college,” he said.

He is also quite the gamer. “I have yet to meet someone who can beat me at Mario Kart. I've always been an avid Xbox player and my current favorite game is Apex Legends.”

-- Caroline Cropp


*Please note that the photo was taken on campus prior to March 2020.