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Hannah Holt

May 22, 2017

Hannah Holt’s deep connection to UNCW comes from a strong belief in helping one’s community wherever possible.

“I value the imprint the university makes on the community in terms of financial and cultural impact, diversity and overall attention to our amazing city,” said Holt, who is director of operations for Holt C-Store, which owns a chain of convenience stores in the Cape Fear region. “I do feel that it is my responsibility as a local business owner to support UNCW.”

Holt contributes to UNCW in many ways, from her recent role as a member of the UNCW Foundation Board of Directors to fundraising efforts and the fellowship that bears her company’s name. In 2012, she established the Holt Oil Fellowship in Public Administration in memory of her late father, Charles B.C. Holt. The fellowship is awarded to UNCW students pursuing a master’s degree in public administration. Charles Holt was a North Carolina legislator and mayor of Fayetteville, as well as a nature lover and conservation advocate.

The company’s annual Holt C-Store Golf Tournament benefits UNCW and the N.C. Coastal Land Trust. Since 2013, the tournament has raised $20,000 for UNCW.

A graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Holt said UNCW compares favorably. Her sister, niece and nephew are alumni, and another niece is a current student.

“It feels like a small, warm environment, but when you learn more, it is evident that UNCW is a big player in the UNC system,” Holt said.

Although she just rotated off the UNCW Foundation Board this year after six years of service, Holt will continue to participate in the university community.

“I will remain involved with the College of Arts and Sciences on the advisory board,” she explained. “I try to be an advocate to people I meet and encourage them to get involved by donating time or money.”

-- Tricia Vance