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David Giordano

April 29, 2016

Junior David Giordano was already interested in general health and wellness before he decided to pursue a Bachelor of Science in exercise science at UNCW. Now a research assistant in the department and a personal trainer at the Student Recreation Center, his experiences at the university have opened his eyes to the wide spectrum of the health field.

Before arriving at the university, Giordano was focused on physical wellness, but his education has expanded his awareness and understanding of the many different types of wellness. Recently, he spoke at the 2016 Southeast Collegiate Fitness Expo in Asheville, where he gave a presentation about his experience with a personal fitness client who has cerebral palsy. While working with his client, he realized he took many things for granted that his client struggled to do, such as riding a bike. Giordano knew it was important to relay his epiphany to a larger audience.

“My message to everyone was that if we all paid attention to our feelings, the only thing in my eyes that could happen is a positive outcome. If we understand how people around us are functioning emotionally, we learn to base our reactions off that and we can develop more meaningful connections with people,” he said.

Giordano credits UNCW for much of his educational growth. He loves the people he has come to know, the tight-knit community they share and the learning opportunities available through the university. He also appreciates that the professors are highly intelligent and welcoming. In fact, one anatomy professor came to his rescue when he was feeling overwhelmed by the vast complexities of the body.

“The investment that I could tell she had in me – her drive to see me learn and do well – was something that was comforting and motivating at the same time. That’s something that I’m never going to forget.”

--James Nagy