Nick Gariepy

May 6, 2019

As he contemplated his college choices, Nick Gariepy came south to escape cold Michigan winters. He chose UNCW because of the academic and career opportunities available to him through the Cameron School of Business. 

Gariepy, who will graduate May 10 with business administration degree with a concentration in management and leadership, arrived on campus as a sophomore transfer student from Cape Fear Community College. Since then, he has had two internships that involved management responsibilities and served as president of the Pi Sigma Epsilon professional marketing and sales fraternity and on CSB’s Student Advisory Council. 

Gariepy said his internships required him to apply what he learned as a business student and reinforced that leadership qualities include understanding how to relate to people. 

“UNCW is special to me because it allowed me to transition from an ordinary student into a well-versed and knowledgeable business professional,” Gariepy said. “When I first got here as a transfer student, I didn’t have any friends or a group to hang out with. After just a few months here, I felt welcomed by the business school and the community within it.” 

After graduation, he has a job waiting. This summer, he will head to AT&T in Dallas for training with the company’s B2B (business to business) Sales Development Program. Upon completion, he will relocate somewhere in the Southeast. He credits his experience at UNCW for affording him the opportunities that led to a job offer last November, and for encouraging him to set high goals for himself. 

“At AT&T, we are ranked within our team of 12 throughout the course of our training period,” Gariepy said. “My goal is to be the top salesperson of that team when we finish training in November.” 

One of his mentors, assistant professor of marketing and PSE advisor Mark Pelletier, made note of Gariepy’s leadership qualities. 

“His leadership of PSE is a significant reason why UNCW's Delta Tau chapter has received recognition on the national level,” said Pelletier. “Part of the reason that he has been such a great president is that he's just a great guy. Everyone respects Nick because of the genuine respect that he gives you.” 

Gariepy said he will always appreciate the start that UNCW gave him in his career. 

“The resources and opportunities we are provided by the school are state-of-the-art. UNCW goes a lot further than just giving us an education and a degree. It has been an absolutely wonderful experience for me, and it has met all of my expectations and more.” 

-- Tricia Vance