Stephanie Ganser in front of columns on the UNCW campus

Feb. 25, 2020

With a reputation as one of UNCW’s most personable and helpful Seahawks, Assistant Dean of Students Stephanie Ganser also acts as the university’s unofficial welcome wagon. Overseeing programs like PERCH, which provides assistance and services for off-campus, nontraditional and graduate students, Ganser is often responsible for bringing the college experience to special student populations.

“I was an academic advisor in University College when I started in 2012, and I advised military-affiliated and transfer students,” said Ganser. “My assistant dean role really blends my passions – meeting with students, having different conversations with them about their majors and career choice – and my talents. I get to use my experience of working with students as an academic advisor and ultimately support them in a different way.”

In 2018, Ganser started the Tenant Education Program, an initiative focused on helping students learn to be responsible members of the community.

“TEP is an online workshop that students can self-enroll in,” said Ganser. “The program covers topics like how to sign a lease, policies of the City of Wilmington, how many people can live in a house, how short your grass has to be, and what a noise citation is. It makes off-campus students aware of all of those things, teaching them how to be good neighbors.”

One of the aspects that appeals to Ganser the most about her role at UNCW is its variability, and she carries that same sentiment into her everyday life – playing sand volleyball, listening to Lizzo and scouring beaches for shark’s teeth.

Ganser also serves as chair of the Student Affairs Professional Development Committee and is a member of the University Community Relations Alliance, the Violence Prevention Collaborative, and the chancellor's committees for military affairs and residency appeals. Being involved is a priority to Ganser, as it helps prepare her to better serve students. 

“At the end of the day, it’s all about our students. In Student Affairs, we really work hard to make sure they have the best experience possible,” she said. “Students are my favorite thing about my job.”


-- Christina Schechtman