Arthur J. Frankel

March 19, 2019

Though he has taught for more than 45 years, Arthur Frankel still looks forward to meeting a new cohort of students each fall.

“While I’m always trying to inspire them, I find that it is they who inspire me,” he said. “I love teaching future clinical social workers about the journey they are undertaking and how they will be helping people improve their lives.”

The longest-serving faculty member in the School of Social Work, there were only seven faculty and about 50 undergraduate students in the program upon Frankel’s arrival. Mirroring the rest of the university, it has grown in numbers and increased its involvement in community and international activities.

A member of the Peace Corps from 1966-68, Frankel has visited India almost every year since then. For the last four years, he has taken a contingent of M.S.W. students and CHHS faculty to visit the social work school at St. Joseph’s University in Bangalore. As part of their orientation, they attend a traditional Indian dinner at a local restaurant. He says watching them eat for the first time using only their right hands is quite a sight.

They also go see the Taj Mahal, which he describes as “one of the great wonders of the world for a reason.” 

Frankel came to UNCW in 2001 having previously taught at Rutgers University and Yeshiva University in New York City. 

“I have often said that when I arrived at UNCW, I felt that I had died and gone to heaven,” he said. “This has held true the entire time I have been here.”

-- Caroline Cropp