Kevin Kiser, Angie Vandenberg ’05 and Steve Boul

Dec. 5, 2017

UNCW faculty Kevin Kiser, Angie Vandenberg ’05 and Steve Boul find fulfillment in preparing Seahawks for their future careers, and their passion for teaching and mentoring has not gone unnoticed.

Selected as the 2017 Lecturers of the Year, Vandenberg (social work); Boul (mathematics and statistics) and Kiser (biology and marine biology) say the recognition was a surprise and honor. Their true reward, however, takes place in the classroom.

“I consider it an honor to teach future social workers and help to bring them into the field,” said Vandenberg, who joined the university in 2012. “I love to hear their fresh ideas. Social workers can do such a variety of things, so it is always interesting to see the direction our students want to take with the degree.”

Kiser, who joined the Department of Biology and Marine Biology in 2012, said teaching and mentoring are rewarding in ways that he had not anticipated.

“I enjoy sharing my enjoyment of biology with students and getting feedback that tells me whether I am doing a good job or I need to go back to the drawing board,” he said. “And then, every once in a while, a student tells me how I have influenced their goals or career path, and I realize what a great responsibility I have.”

Boul cherishes the moments when he sees his students’ faces light up.

“A lot of students come in not particularly excited about the subject,” the math and stats lecturer said with a laugh. “Those moments of discovery – when they can do something that before they couldn’t – that’s what I really enjoy.”

UNCW alumna Vandenberg ’05 credits a mentor who helped guide her through her journey of becoming a social worker, something she hopes to do for her students.

“I had a really creative faculty member in the School of Social Work who believed in me,” she said. “That gave me a boost of confidence to believe in myself and pursue my passion. It is my hope to be able to return that gift to other students.”

Boul, who joined UNCW six years ago and serves as faculty advisor in the University College, feels his responsibility for his students goes beyond teaching.

“I care about them and their lives,” he said. “I hope they walk away knowing that I value them and they are not just bodies in my classroom. If their math teacher seems to be the kind of guy they can say something to, if there is anything I can do to help, I will help them.”

Kiser’s interactions with students include mentoring and applied learning initiatives. With the support of his department, CSURF and ETEAL, Kiser created a program to teach students how to perform scientific research.

“I want to give students meaningful learning opportunities and the confidence to set goals they never imagined or were afraid to pursue,” he said. “I want them to be prepared for the next step so they can explore their potential and have fulfilling careers.”

Pictured above: 

Kevin Kiser, Biology and Marine Biology, Angie Vandenberg '05, Social Work; and Steve Boul, Mathematics and Statistics 

- Venita Jenkins