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Candace Guido

April 18, 2017

Candace Guido ’08 ’12M is an artist. Instead of using a paintbrush to create a masterpiece, she works with code to create computer software.

“Software development is really an art form,” she said. “When you’re writing code, you pick the most elegant and efficient way to do it. You’re creating something when you are coding, and that sense of creation is exciting. You feel like you own it.”

Becoming a software developer was something Guido stumbled upon as an undergraduate at UNCW. She took a webpage design class and discovered she was quite good at it. “It came easily to me, so I decided to pursue it,” she said. “I think I lucked out because it is such a great career to be in.”

Today, Guido is a development manager at Wilmington-based nCino, a worldwide leader in cloud banking. She works with 13 teams of developers to build operating systems for banks.

“It’s a very fast-paced environment,” she said. “We’re constantly looking to improve. It’s exciting and very cutting-edge.”

Guido credits UNCW for providing her with the foundation that led to a successful career. She earned her bachelor’s degree in management information systems and accounting and her Master of Science in Computer Science and Information Systems from UNCW.

“My education opened doors for me to obtain a job as a developer. Hard work and a desire to continue learning helped me grow,” Guido said. “My life has been forever changed by the thoughtful and passionate professors at UNCW and I will always be thankful for everything they have taught me over the years. I would not be where I am today without the quality guidance of the professors at UNCW.”

-- Venita Jenkins