Jeff Campbell

September 8, 2020

After more than two decades of experience as a safety and health managermost of that time working for public universitiesJeff Campbell achieved one of his career goals when he began his role as director of Environmental Health and Safety at UNCW in January. 
“I wanted to be a safety professional at a university on the beach,” said Campbell, who came to UNCW from a similar role at UNC Charlotte. Prior to that, he worked 18 years at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, and spent three years working in the heavy construction industry. 
EH&S oversees programs to ensure a safe environment for UNCW students and employees. It is responsible for everything from ensuring safe handling and disposal of chemicals and potentially toxic substances; fire and occupational safety; and coordination during emergencies and severe weather.  
Campbell offers a more succinct job description: 
As director of EH&S, my goal is to get everyone on campus home at the end of the day in as good or better shape than they started. As a leader, I try to develop relationships with people and work together with them to support the mission of the university. 
After earning a bachelor’s degree in urban and economic development from The Ohio State University, Campbell went on to earn a master’s degree in safety and environmental management from West Virginia University. He is a Certified Safety Professional® and a Certified Safety and Health Manager. 
But he also built leadership skills while coaching high school football for 22 years, including a stint as a head coach in Parkersburg, West Virginia. Campbell sees a strong parallel between the two. 
I would say one made me better at the other,” he said. “Both jobs require a lot of planning, relationship building and the ability to adjust on the fly. It’s all about the ability to get a group of people to come together and go in the same direction at the same time.” 
At UNCW, Campbell likes to begin his day with a positive attitude and by greeting members of his team, as well as other campus colleagues he sees along the way. 
“My favorite thing is the camaraderie and teamwork at UNCW,” he said. “My top goal is to continue developing effective working relationships with people throughout campus. 
-- Tricia Vance