Kristine Adams sitting on the steps of the Education Building on the UNCW campus.

March 25, 2021

Kristine Adams is known as a “graphics gal,” but her talents go way beyond fonts and images.

Adams, senior web developer in UNCW’s Watson College of Education, manages more than 70 education program sites, over 80 faculty/staff webpages for the college as well as social media accounts for various departments and programs within the college. She joined the university in 2003.

“I love seeing the things I design make people happy or help them in some way. It’s really neat to see your designs being worn or being shown to the whole town on billboards,” she said. “I also really love the people that I’m designing for. They are as passionate about teaching as I am about design.”

When Adams isn’t designing, she’s teaching faculty and staff through the Tech Nest, an interactive technology space on campus. “I love sharing my knowledge with others. It makes me so happy when people have that ‘I get it!’ moment. I never thought that I would love teaching and training so much.”

Outside of her university responsibilities, Adams serves on committees for Cape Fear Women in Tech, volunteers with the Cape Fear Literacy Council, and teaches summer camps at Cape Fear Academy for Graphic Design for children. Her passion, however, is inspiring future educators through her designs.

“Our students are future teachers and they need to be inspired,” said Adams. “I hope that I can make things for them that keep them excited about teaching and being a part of the Watson family. I also want to make things that make them proud to be teachers!”

-- Venita Jenkins