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UNCW Student Media Leaders

April 25, 2018

UNCW’s student media organizations have different roles, but their shared space in the newly renovated Student Media Center provides many opportunities to work together.

The center includes individual spaces for The Seahawk, Hawstream Radio, TealTV, the literary publication Atlantis and the Flicker Film Society. TealTV also uses a broadcast studio in Leutze Hall. Assistant Director for Student Media Bill DiNome has his office there as well. The shared space allows for collaboration on many levels, he said, and the students agree.

“Collaboration is something I strive for,” said Atlantis Editor-in-Chief Carey Shook ’18, a creative writing major with a concentration in creative nonfiction. Atlantis and The Seahawk have worked together on events, gone to conferences together and even shared editors and writers. This creates a strong rapport between organizations, which ultimately makes all of student media stronger.”

In his role, DiNome serves as an advisor and a resource, but he said the student organizations determine their own content and programming.

“They are really self-directed organizations,” he said. “They’re the ones on the front lines doing the work.”

Independence encourages students to develop leadership skills and harness their creativity, DiNome said. The students say the experience also has helped prepare them for their future after graduation.

“I would say it’s getting me acquainted with some of the things I am going to have to deal with in adult life,” said Casey McAnarney ’18, editor-in-chief of The Seahawk. She’s dealing with budgets and decision-making, and she hopes to work in journalism or public relations and has applied for a National Public Radio fellowship.

“I really like the autonomy we have,” said business major Drew Vollen ’18, co-manager of Hawkstream Radio, which streams online. “It requires being a critical thinker, a leader. I’ve had to make a budget. I’ve learned a lot about leadership and communication.” Vollen, who is pursuing a degree in business administration and a journalism minor, hopes to use his student media experience in the marketing career he plans to pursue.

Shook said working on the literary publication solidified her desire to seek a career on the production side of publishing.

“I would love to have my own imprint of books dedicated to young-adult literature and mental health, which means I need strong organizational, editing, production, leadership, communication and writing skills,” Shook said. Her involvement with Atlantis has helped her hone those skills.

Karli Grant ’18 isn’t planning a career in media, but she expects to use many of the skills she has learned in her time at TealTV.

“I don’t think a lot of people understand how much student media organizations are run like businesses. We have budgets, employees, expectations to meet and customers to serve,” said Grant, president of TealTV. “Being in the leadership roles I have served in, I feel like I have gained important ‘soft’ skills that will stay with me throughout my professional career.”

Grant, who is majoring in business administration and communication studies, plans to enter law school in the fall.

The organizations came together to observe Student Media Week April 9-14, which showcased their work and encouraged fellow Seahawks to participate.

-- Tricia Vance


Pictured in photo, left to right: Tyler Loesher, co-manager, Hawkstream Radio; Carey Shook '18, editor-in-chief, Atlantis; Casey McAnarney '18, editor-in-chief, The Seahawk; Kayce Yapundich, incoming president, TealTV; Bill DiNome, assistant director for student media; and Drew Vollen '18, co-manager, Hawkstream Radio. Not pictured: Karli Grant '18, president, TealTV; and Noah Thomas, incoming editor-in-chief, The Seahawk.