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Wesley Padgett

November 14, 2016

In a way, some stately old trees found on the UNCW campus are a metaphor for Wesley Padgett’s outlook on life.

“Having grown up here, I have had the opportunity to watch the university change in so many ways, but one of the constants that has always provided me peace were the majestic live oaks that adorn this campus,” said Padgett ’04, a Wilmington native and networking specialist in the Information Technology Services department.

“Through time, trends, fashions and movements, those oaks have always reminded me to remain anchored but also be adaptive. They are truly a treasure to this campus and a constant reminder to me to try to be the best that I can be without being the focal point of attention.”

As an ITS employee whose job is to keep the university’s voice and cable infrastructures working, Padgett considers himself part of the “backdrop” of UNCW. On the other hand, his work allows him to connect with many people daily in all departments and functions.

He sees himself in a critical supporting role on campus and prides himself on doing his level best to solve problems and keep the networks running.

“I am excited by technical challenges and the opportunities to work with people from all across campus to provide them tools to assist in fulfilling their missions,” he said. “Also, remaining part of the backdrop of the university by keeping services running and operational reassures me that we are fulfilling our duties.”

His day usually starts with “several deep breaths” in preparation for whatever the job brings. But once he’s off the clock, it’s family first and a deliberately slower pace. He says his most important personal goal is to be a good father and role model.

At work, Padgett treasures the personal relationships he has developed with co-workers all across campus. Meeting so many interesting people is one of the perks of his job.

“I am only able to accomplish much of what I need to because of some wonderfully dedicated people who work at and support this university,” he said. “I remind myself of that every day.”

-- Tricia Vance