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Andy Herrmann

April 11, 2018

When Andy Herrmann ’12M moved to Jakarta, Indonesia, he was thrilled to find that his penchant for travel would be handsomely rewarded by his career choice. As an information systems officer for the Department of State at the U.S. Embassy to Indonesia, Herrmann works an enviably short distance from a tropical paradise.

Since graduating, Herrmann and his family take every chance they get to travel, thanks to the opportunities provided by his career. A few of his favorite trips include Lake Issyk Kul in Kyrgyzstan, scuba diving off the coast of Derawan Islands, and Jogjakarta, the cultural capital of Indonesia.

“There is a string of beautiful islands off the coast of Jakarta, about an hour and a half by boat, where you can dive and snorkel and laze around on an island,” Herrmann said. “I try to get out and see other parts of Indonesia when possible.”

Herrmann came to UNCW looking for a career change and was excited about the opportunities that the unique M.S. in Computer Science and Information Systems degree program offered.

“The program helped prepare me for the technical and managerial aspects of my job. I can spend the morning troubleshooting a network issue and the afternoon negotiating a new mobile phone contract for the embassy. The variety of work is remarkable.”

Herrmann said the program faculty at UNCW played a critical role in helping him achieve his goals.

“Ron Vetter was instrumental in pushing me to improve myself and take pride in my work,” said Herrmann. “Thomas Janicki impressed upon me the importance of good management in IT. Ulku Clark taught me networking and cybersecurity principles I use every day. Gene Tagliarini and Curry Guinn challenged me to think in new ways. Devon Simmonds helped improve my technical writing.”

Though working in a foreign country provides challenges, Herrmann credits his time at UNCW for preparing him to be successful in his field.

“UNCW gave me the technical foundation to maintain these systems and project management skills to efficiently manage resources,” Herrmann said. “Commu-
nication is critical. My audience may not be technically savvy and English may not be their first language. The writing experience I gained at UNCW helped me learn how to convey technical concepts in plain language."

--Matt Stephenson ’20M