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Titus Adeleke ’11

May 8, 2018

An unfortunate lapse in judgment often precedes a visit to UNCW Assistant Dean of Students Titus Adeleke ’11, who encourages students to turn their mistakes into an opportunity for self-improvement.

“Mistakes help you become a better version of yourself,” he said. “You can’t let failure prevent you from reaching your goals. That’s part of the process.”

In his role, Adeleke oversees the university's conduct system and serves as an administrative hearing officer. He also coordinates all Campus Conduct Board hearings and is responsible for the recruitment, selection and training of board members.

Adeleke first encountered the conduct system as a UNCW student, where he was active in campus life. His experience wasn’t a direct result of something he did, but he said it drove home the point that choices have consequences. It also steered him toward a career in student affairs.

Born Titus Adedeji Obafemi Alabi Adeleke, he is a native North Carolinian and the son of immigrants and grew up in Chapel Hill.

“My parents were born in Nigeria, and I am a first-generation American, but they still wanted me to retain my heritage, so they gave my brother and me a bunch of traditional Nigerian names,” he said. “While I was at UNCW, I was known by one of my Nigerian nicknames, Deji.”

At UNCW, he served as a member of the Dean’s Advisory Council and an orientation leader. Adeleke worked in the Technology Assistance Center and as a desk receptionist in Galloway Hall. He also served as a “Seahawk Link,” helping incoming freshmen transition to the college experience. He earned a bachelor’s degree in communication studies with a minor in leadership studies and also holds a master’s degree in college student development from Oklahoma State University.

Today, he reminds students that life and education require active participation.

“As an individual, you will have the opportunity to grow and learn as much as you like,” he said. “UNCW will give you that opportunity, but you can’t just sit on the sidelines; you have to be ready and willing to try new things and also not be too afraid to fail.”

-- Tricia Vance