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Spring Conference 2016

In May 2016 the University of North Carolina Wilmington's Departments of English, Political Science, and International Affairs as well as the Center for Teaching Excellence partnered with the International Islamic University in Islamabad (as part of the US Department of State's University Partners Grant Program) to present the first in a series of international conferences. "The New Global City: Presenting and Translating Cultures within a Worldwide Citizenry," held on May 12-14th, focused on translating Euro-American cultures across global boundaries. This conference discussed sub-topics relevant to the disciplines of Political Science, International Affairs, English, Liberal Arts, World Languages and Cultures, among others.

"The New Global City" was the first of two international conferences to be hosted by the IIUI-UNCW University Partnership, a 3-year long cooperative agreement sponsored by the US Department of State that links humanists and social scientists at both institutions. UNCW is North Carolina's premier Southeastern public university, with a strong emphasis on community engagement, global citizenship and cutting edge scholarship and teaching.

The New Global City: Presenting and Translating Cultures within a Worldwide Citizenry

While it seems as though the Euro-American culture is everywhere globally-from television shows to fast food restaurants, international trade treaties to sanctions and strikes-this conference explores how it actually gets translated, interrogated, adapted, and even re-defined, as it appears in localized contexts across the globe. This conference involved scholarship that explored general concerns of global translations of national and regional cultures and subcultures.

Keynote Speakers

David Gilmartin, Professor of History at North Carolina State University, is an internationally lauded scholar of modern South Asian history. Gilmartin's most recent book is Blood and Water: The Indus River Basin in Modern History (U of CA Press, 2015).

Christine Fair, Associate Professor in the Security Studies Program at Georgetown University, is widely published and consulted on militancy and security in Pakistan. Her most recent book is Fighting to the End: The Pakistan Army's Way of War (OUP, 2014).

Abdulaziz Sachedina, Professor and International Institute of Islamic Thought Chair in Islamic Studies at George Mason University, is an esteemed scholar of Islamic law, interfaith relations, and human rights and ethics in Islamic contexts. His most recent book is Islam and the Challenge of Human Rights (OUP, 2014).