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Master of Science: Clinical Research and Product Development

The UNCW Clinical Research Program offers a totally online Master of Science degree in Clinical Research and Product Development.

The Program provides a didactic and rigorous curriculum that prepares graduates for mid- to upper-level roles in the biopharmaceutical clinical research industry. Graduates work in biopharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations, clinical research investigator sites, academic medical centers, government agencies, niche service providers, and other associated organizations in research teams formed to conduct the clinical trials necessary to move new drugs, biologics, and biomedical devices through the regulatory process to reach regulatory approval and post-marketing studies required for drug safety and used for label/market expansion. This is not a laboratory-based degree. An understanding of the four phases of clinical research involving human subjects is fundamental to all coursework. The importance of laws, regulations, guidance, and Good Clinical Practice is emphasized throughout the curriculum. Business aspects of the industry, particularly project management and market competition, are also covered. The Clinical Research Management Concentration is offered entirely online providing students with the flexibility to pursue the degree from any location with internet access. The degree provides a didactic and rigorous curriculum that prepares individuals to participate in the science and business of developing health care products and protocols, from discovery to market and human utilization. Emphasis is placed on clinical research in biopharmaceutical and device development. The degree is offered entirely online providing students with the flexibility to pursue the degree from any location.

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Post Baccalaureate Certificate in Clinical Research Operations (MCCRO)

The School of Nursing offers a post-baccalaureate certificate in Clinical Research Operations for individuals with a bachelor’s degree who are interested in 1) entering the clinical research field or 2) obtaining additional education to facilitate a move into a different area within the clinical research field including career progression. The program focuses on foundational knowledge and skills necessary to understand the structure, function, and operations of biopharmaceutical companies, clinical research organizations, clinical study sites, academic medical centers, and other organizations involved in biopharmaceutical clinical trials. The program requires 18 credit hours for completion.

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