CHHS Student Success Center

Interview Information: Doctor of Nursing Practice

Interviews will either be conducted by phone, face to face or through virtual media platforms such as Facetime or Skype. Plan to discuss a question or problem that you have noted in your practice, and how you think you may be able to bring about improvement.

Consider how you intend to apply this new knowledge in the future. Are you an administrative leader or advanced practice nurse (NP, CNS, CNM or CAN) in clinical practice? Is your interest in systems change within your institution, or are you active in national organizations where you will work to review recommendations and standards for the membership?

Some examples of questions for the DNP interview are:

1. What do we need to know about your background that is not reflected in your admission packet?

2. What strengths do you have that make you a good candidate for the doctoral program?

3. In what areas do you need to be stronger?

4. What else would you need to know or possess to be able to be successful in the DNP program?

5. Are you willing to alter your present lifestyle to accommodate the extensive study and scholarly work for the DNP program?

6. Are you willing to travel to clinical sites far from where you reside? 6. How do you think the DNP will benefit you professionally?

7. What do you see yourself doing five years from now?