CHHS Student Success Center

Program Goal: B.A. Recreation Therapy

The goal of UNCW's Recreation Therapy degree program is to prepare competent entry-level recreation therapist in the cognitive (knowledge), psychomotor (skills), and affective (behavior) learning domains.

To accomplish this goal, the following objectives, which align with UNCW's Strategic Goals have been established.

UNCW's recreation degree program will:

  1. Offer a high quality curriculum by maintaining accreditation of the recreation therapy curriculum (UNCW Strategic Goal 1: Powerful learning experience).
  2. Provide students with quality academic advising (UNCW Strategic Goal 1: Powerful learning experience).
  3. Provide RTH majors with the knowledge, skills, and resources to pass the national certification test at the same rate or higher than the national average. A passing score on the certification exam allows one to be nationally certified and licensed in NC (UNCW Strategic Goal 1: Powerful learning experience).
  4. Provide majors with structured opportunities to engage in service/applied learning that augments and reinforces classroom learning (UNCW Strategic Goal 1: Powerful learning experience & Goal 5: Regional engagement and outreach).

UNCW's recreation therapy graduates will demonstrate entry level competency in the following areas:

  1. Assessment,
  2. Planning,
  3. Program implementation,
  4. Administration,
  5. Evaluation,
  6. Ethical behaviors
  7. Interpersonal and professional behaviors,
  8. Oral communication, and
  9. Advancing the profession of RT.

These learning outcomes align with UNCW Learning Goals: inquiry, information literacy, critical thinking, team work, and thoughtful expression, as well as with the NCTRC and CARTE knowledge and skills.