CHHS Student Success Center

Learning Outcomes: B.A. Recreation Therapy

Graduates of the Recreation Therapy degree program will be able to:

  1. Assess the physical, cognitive, social, emotional, and leisure needs and functioning, select and implement appropriate assessment instruments and methods, and report findings and recommendations based on analysis and interpretation of results. (Critical Thinking; Assessment)
  2. Use appropriate and relevant data and techniques to develop group and individual intervention plans and protocols and individual treatment plans, write measurable behavioral goals, and collaborate with interdisciplinary team members. (Inquiry, Information Literacy & Critical Thinking; Planning)
  3. Use a minimum of six intervention modalities; demonstrate skills in group and individual treatment, therapeutic communication and relationships, implementing agency protocols, and use of assistive technology. (Team Work; Program/Treatment Implementation)
  4. Understand quality improvement plans, departmental budget, funding and reimbursement procedures, agency’s mission, purpose, organization and management; follow agency and departmental policies and procedures; and practice safe emergency, infection control and risk management procedures.(Information Literacy, Critical Thinking; Administration)
  5. Design and conduct formative and summative program evaluations, and document in a timely and appropriate manner the effectiveness of individual treatment plans. (Critical Thinking; Evaluation)
  6. Discuss and apply professional codes of ethics, and comply with all related agency standards of conduct. (Critical Thinking; Ethics)
  7. Demonstrate professional attitudes, work habits, communication, judgment, initiative, cooperation, self-evaluation, use of medical terminology and abbreviations, maintenance of professional boundaries, and appropriate use of clinical supervision. (Thoughtful Expression; Interpersonal & Professional Behaviors)
  8. Demonstrate proficiency in delivering a professional presentation using PowerPoint. (Thoughtful Expression; Oral Communication)