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FAQs: B.A. Physical Education and Health -Teacher Licensure (PEH)

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1) How do I become a student in your major?

  • You can declare PEH (TC) as your major after completion of 24 credit hours.

2) How do I become admitted to Watson College of Education?

  • Students apply to WCE in their Junior year with assistance from their PEH advisor.
  • Completion of the university requirements in English, mathematics and a science laboratory course with a grade of "C-" or better Completion of introductory educational foundations coursework, EDN 200 with a grade of "C-" or better.
  • Completion of forty-five or more college credit hours with a minimum overall grade point average of 2.70 on a 4.00 scale on work attempted at UNCW. Transfer students must earn a 2.70 on a minimum of 9 hours completed at UNCW.
  • Passing scores on teacher education entry tests specified and mandated by the Board of Education of the State of NC.

3) How do I become eligible for internship?

  • Be admitted to the Watson School of Education.
  • Have completed all required Education courses and ideally all academic major courses.

4) Are scholarships available?

  • Earl Allen Memorial Scholarship; Watson College of Education Scholarships.

5) Are summer classes available in PEH?

  • Yes – Typically Physical Education and Health courses (including study abroad courses) are offered both summer sessions.

6) What are the prerequisites for your program?

  • A 2.7 GPA is required at the time of application to the WCE (typically Junior year).
  • Prospective PEH majors should have a passion for teaching and coaching children and adolescents.

7) What can I do with a degree in PEH?

  • YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the lives of children and adolescents.
  • The PEH degree leads to Licensure to teach k-12 Physical Education and Health in NC (reciprocal to other states).
  • Opens doors to many other careers (Physical Therapy, Athletic Training, Athletic Administration, etc., with some additional education or training).

8) How employable will I be with a degree in PEH?

  • The majority of our graduates immediately secure teaching and athletics coaching positions in k-12 schools.

9) Is there a particular course sequence I must follow?

  • Students will be encouraged to complete course work in a sequential manner determined by the PEH advisor.

10) Does your program offer online classes?

  • There are several required courses that are offered online. However, most method courses are face to face.

11) When should I declare my major in PEH?

  • As soon as possible! Advisors can assist you in making all course work count and you can graduate in 4 years.

12) Am I required to complete all University Studies prior to beginning PEH?

  • No, you can complete University Studies during or after completing requirements for Physical Education and Health.

Transfer Student Questions

13) I am a transfer student. Am I required to take a course at UNCW prior to declaring my major in PEH?

  • No.

14) I am a transfer student from a PEH program at another school. Will my courses be transferable to the PEH program at UNCW?

  • All course work will be reviewed to determine if the intent of each course is met.

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