CHHS Student Success Center

Learning Outcomes: M.S. Applied Gerontology

Graduates of the Gerontology Program will be able to:

  1. Articulate issues and challenges related to aging persons and their families, with specific emphasis on southeastern North Carolina.
  2. Demonstrate critical thinking and problem solving skills through gerontology course work and service-learning experiences.
  3. Apply principals and theories that affect quality of life for aging adults in retirement communities, health care settings, and other public and private organizations, which provide services and resources.
  4. Appreciate and synthesize knowledge of biology, health sciences, psychology, sociology of aging, with hands-on experience with older populations in our region.
  5. Evaluate aging research critically and participate in the research community to promote healthy aging.
  6. Demonstrate skills through active community engagement under the supervision of practicing gerontologists.
  7. Relate public policy and politics concerning aging adults, including advocacy, legislation, organizational structures, and practices for identifying funding for aging organizations.