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High Point University: Physician Assistant

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Program: 27 months (109 credit hours), admits (info not listed) students, and starts in June. New Program. 

Application: CASPA deadline is October 1st - program admits students on a rolling basis.

In-State Tuition (total): $83,893. This does not include additional costs/fees, which can range from $5,000 to over $12,000.

Admission Info:

  • Average GPA: info not listed
  • Average GRE Scores: info not listed
  • Average hours of health care experience: info not listed
  • Three letters of recommendation: Preference is given to applicants with letters from supervisors and professors.


  • Human or Vertebrate Anatomy and Physiology with Lab - 7 credit hours (UNCW: BIO/L 240 and BIO/L 241)
  • Biological Science with lab - 8 credit hours (UNCW: BIO/L 201 and BIO/L 202)
  • Upper Level Human Biological Science - 3 credit hours
  • Microbiology with lab - 3 credit hours (UNCW: BIO/L 246 or BIO/L 425)
  • General/Inorganic Chemistry with lab - 4 credit hours (UNCW: CHM/L 101)
  • Additional Chemistry with lab - 4 credit hours (UNCW: CHM/L 102)
  • Statistics - 3 credit hours (UNCW: STT 210 or STT 215)
  • Psychology - 3 credit hours (UNCW: PSY 105)
  • Humanities and Social Sciences - 9 credit hours - Must include one upper-level course that focuses on developing a deeper understanding of the human condition including, but not limited to: anthropology, economics, ethics, history, political science, psychology, public health, religion, or sociology.
  • Post-Acceptance Required Course
  • Medical Terminology (UNCW: ATR 470)

UNCW course recommendations: Student must verify the correct coursework needed for each program.

Required attributes of approved prerequisite courses:

  • Prerequisite courses must be completed with a grade of “C” or above.
  • Only one prerequisite course may be in progress during the Fall semester of the year in which you apply.
  • All courses must be completed by the end of the Fall semester of the year in which you apply.
  • For prerequisite courses with separate grades assigned for lecture and lab sections, a minimum grade of “C” is required in both sections.
  • No prerequisite course may be taken on a “pass/fail”, “credit/non-credit” basis.
  • One course cannot be used to satisfy multiple prerequisites.
  • Prerequisite science courses must be completed within 10 years prior to June enrollment.
  • All prerequisite courses must be taken at a U.S. college or university that is regionally accredited:
    • The Program will accept credits completed at community colleges
    • The Program will accept non-laboratory course credits completed online.
    • The Program will not accept laboratory course credits completed online.
  • AP coursework: AP coursework will be accepted as long as the class appears on a college transcript with assigned credits based on AP Exam score of 4 or higher.
  • The Anatomy and Physiology requirements may be met by taking either one semester of Anatomy and one semester of Physiology, or two semesters of Anatomy and Physiology combined.