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    • The Seahawk Success Program is a program designed to support CHHS students who are undergoing academic difficulty and have been placed on Academic Probation or Academic Dismissal by the University.  It is expected that students placed on Academic Probation participate in the Seahawk Success Program. It is required that students placed on Academic Dismissal participate in the Seahawk Success Program in order to take steps toward achieving Good Academic Standing. The Seahawk Success Program requires that participants meet with their assigned Seahawk Success Program Advisor at least twice during the semester, and utilize appropriate on-campus resources to assist them in their respective areas of need.  The Seahawk Success Program is coordinated and run by the Retention & Progression Committee within the CHHS Student Success Center.  Advisors who have advisees placed on Academic Probation or Academic Dismissal and are thus participants in the Seahawk Success Program will remain the official advisor, while the Seahawk Success Program Advisor will be an additional support for the student while they remain in the program.

Course Repeat Policy

Students who receive a grade below a "C" in a course taken at UNCW may repeat the course at UNCW. For the first three different courses repeated, the previous grade and hours of credit for the repeated course will not be used in calculating the student's grade point average and hours toward graduation. All grades shall remain on the student's transcript.
**Note: if student began attending UNCW before Fall 2012, they can repeat up to 5 classes for a grade replacement.

In interpreting the policy it is to be understood that:

  • the term "first three times" means
    • that the policy is automatically operative for a student the first time that the student repeats a course, and
    • that the three repeats involve three different courses;
  • a student may go beyond three course repeats, but such repeats will not enjoy the privilege of the policy;
  • all students will be able to enjoy the benefits of this policy irrespective of prior course repeat activity;
  • this policy does not govern the repeating of graduate courses (see the Graduate Catalogue for the appropriate policy).

Students enrolled in a special topics course for a grade replacement must enroll in the same topic for which they originally received an unsatisfactory grade. Grades earned in repeated courses will not be used to replace grades earned as part of a degree once it has been conferred.

Note: A failing grade received owing to admitted or adjudicated academic dishonesty shall not be replaced if the course is repeated. Both the penalty grade and the new grade shall appear on the student's transcript and count in the student's grade point average. A student may not appeal the policy stated in this paragraph to any faculty or administrative level.