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Online Accelerated Program (OAP)

 Fall/Spring 2021/2022 and Summer 2022

Tuition is established by the North Carolina State Legislature and is subject to change without prior notification.
It is the student’s responsibility to review charges on their student account after registration.

  • If an online accelerated Graduate program is not specifically mentioned below then it will be billed at the standard Graduate rate.
  • Some Graduate programs have special program fees in addition to tuition. For a full list visit .

Education and Technology Fee explanation

Per Credit Hour
In State
Out of State
Differential Tuition Ed & Tech Fees Security Fee Association of Student Government Total
In State
per credit hour
Out of State
per credit hour
Undergraduate $185.13 $771.17 N/A $22.29 $2.5 $.05 $209.97 $796.01
Graduate $262.17 $1,030.45 N/A $29.72 $3.34 $.06 $295.29 $1,063.57
BFC $262.17 $1,030.45 $207.86 $29.72 $3.34 $.06 $503.15 $1,271.43
OMBA $262.17 $1,030.45 $207.86 $29.72 $3.33 $.06 $503.15 $1,271.43
EMBA $262.17 $1,030.45 $207.86 $29.72 $3.34 $.06 $503.15 $1,271.43
MS Business Analytics $262.17 $1,030.45 $283.34 $29.72 $3.34 $.06 $578.63 $1,346.91
MS Finance $262.17 $1,030.45 $283.34 $29.72 $3.34 $.06 $578.63 $1,346.91
IMC $262.17 $1,030.45 $56.67 $29.72 $3.34 $.06 $351.96 $1,120.24


Each Summer session will also include a $.25 Student Government Association fee.


Education and Technology Fees

The Education and Technology Fee (ETF) advances the quality of learning experiences and outcomes for students. It does this by embracing emerging opportunities that differentiate the learning experience beyond what appropriated funding allows, while remaining accountable to students, the university, and the state, for return on technology investments.

Examples include but are not limited to equipment, software applications, supplies for educational materials, laboratory expenses, student computing labs and facilities, connectivity infrastructure and services to support student learning, learning spaces, and field trips.

Security Fee

To assist in Campus-based and UNC system-wide safety and new security initiatives, staffing and security measures.

NOTE: For Distance Education/Extension courses that require proctored exams, there may be additional fees for the verification of student identity. Students may also be required to find an independent testing facility for these exams. Contact the course instructor for more information.

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