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Setting up Authorized Users

Set up your authorized users in E-bill. The tab is located at the top of all of the pages. This provides access to parents, grandparents, or anyone who you want to have access to your account information. If you do not pay your bill yourself then this is an important part of the set up process. Authorized users will be able to view, pay and receive email notification of due dates and reminders on your billing activity. They may also print a copy of your current bill.

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Student Billing

Electronic bill notifications (emails) are periodically sent to students and authorized users informing that a billing statement is available. Recipients of the email are expected to login to E-bill to view the bill. Students are responsible for checking email for electronic bill notification and making payment on time. Failure to pay the Student Account balance by the due date will result in class cancellation.

The Student Accounts Office uses the student's UNCW email account to contact any student with a balance. The student can also set up reminders in both email and in E-bill. It is the student's responsibility to check their UNCW email on a regular basis to prevent any problems with their account. If you set up an authorized user in E-bill, that person will also receive various emails from Student Accounts.

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Refund Information

Financial Aid posts aid to the student account 10 days prior to 1st day of class. Student Accounts processes refunds the 1st day of class. Students will need to establish an E-refund account on the E-bill site to receive any excess funds from loans, overpayments, scholarships and grant monies. Set up your E-refund account today to avoid future delays due to paper check processing.

Students receiving refunds must understand that they may need to use their financial aid refund to pay any additional charges incurred on their student account.

Set up your secure and confidential E-refund account

  • Only students can set up an E-refund account. Parents will need to coordinate with the student if they would like refunds to be sent to their bank account.
  • Log in to E-bill with your student ID number and 6 digit pin number.
  • Select the E-refunds tab at the top of the page
  • Enter your bank account information so that refunds can be deposited into your account electronically. Data entered in the profile is secure and confidential in a Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant environment..
  • The refunds are direct deposited into the checking account that is specified. You will receive an email notification when the refund has been processed.

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1098-T Tax Information

1098-T tax statements will be provided each year for tax credit purposes. The 1098-T shows the qualified tuition and fees billed, not paid, during the calendar year as well as scholarships or grant aid applied to your account during the year. Amounts actually paid to the University can be found in E-bill.

Please follow the following TWO steps in order to receive your online 1098-T:

STEP 1: Student's consent

Login to E-bill (

Select 'My Profiles', Select 'Paperless Options', Click 'Change', Click 'Accept Consent', Done!

STEP 2: Give Authorized User's permission to view Electronic 1098-T

In E-bill ( Select the 'Authorized Users' tab at top

Click 'Edit' for an already established Authorized User (or first add a new authorized user)

Select 'yes' for the second option, would you like to allow this person to view your 1098-T tax statement?

Click 'Update User', Done!

Prior calendar year 1098-Ts will be uploaded to E-bill by February 1st.

Please visit the 1098 T Tax Information Tutorial.

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Withdrawal Information

Refunds are issued for complete withdrawal from the session.

Please do not include the class start date when determining the number of days after the class start date.


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7 Week Sessions

100 %

Through the Add/Drop date.

50 %

Withdrawal 2 days after the Add/Drop date through midnight.

0 %

Withdrawal 5 or more days after the class start date. (not including the class start date)