Get Onboard!

Day Two


Your second day on campus is all about the essentials - like getting familiar with technology resources and UNCW portals. Follow the action items below to set yourself up for success. 

1. Obtain your Campus Parking Permit & ID (One Card)

All faculty, staff and students are required to pay for parking on campus. You should also obtain your official UNCW ID, known as a One Card. Both the parking pass and One Card  are obtained from Auxiliary Services, which is located in the Warwick Center. For instructions on obtaining your parking pass and One Card, carefully review the Parking & One Card Guide below. Contact with questions about parking, and with questions about your ID card.

Parking & One Card Guide Parking Forms  One Card Forms

Introduction to Campus Parking

Watch the video below to learn more about UNCW's Parking Services (10 minutes).

Introduction to Your UNCW One Card

Watch the video below to learn more about UNCW's One Card (8 minutes).

2. Explore the Technology Assistance Center (TAC)

TAC is UNCW's one-stop-shop for all your technology needs. From their website, you can submit a service ticket, explore the knowledge base - which has information on all technology topics, including email, web design, and using your UNCW phone - and even chat with a TAC specialist. Click the link below to explore what TAC has to offer.

UNCW Technology Assistance Center

Introduction to TAC & IT

Watch the video below to learn more about IT & TAC at UNCW (16 minutes).

3. Discover Teleworking Resources

UNCW's IT department has put together a resource page to help you work remotely. Explore these tools to help facilitate your needs and keep you connected while working from home.

Teleworking Tools & Information

4. Complete the mySeaport Scavenger Hunt

UNCW's mySeaport portal is a convenient way to access many of the applications you use from one location. From applications like email, SeaNet, Banner and numerous others, mySeaport ties all of these applications together into a single-sign-on (SSO) experience. Log in once with your UNCW credentials and you're connected!

To get you familiar with mySeaport, please complete the mySeaport Scavenger Hunt by clicking the link below.

MySeaport Scavenger Hunt

5. Read the Responsible Use of Electronic Resources Policy

This policy provides guidelines for the responsible and appropriate use of the university’s electronic computing and communication resources and services. Important points  from the policy include:

  • UNCW electronic resources should not be utilized for personal gain.
  • The personal identity of faculty, staff and students are protected.
  • UNCW resources should not be utilized to cause harm to any entity or individual.

 Click the link below to read the entire policy (5 pages). 

Responsible Use of Electronic Resources Policy

6. Read the Secondary Employment Policy

UNCW's Secondary Employment Policy - we know that you have a life outside of UNCW and may even have a second job. If so, the employment responsibilities to the State are primary for any employee working full-time; any other employment is secondary. Employees are required to have approval from their supervisor before engaging in any secondary employment. Click the link below to read the entire policy (2 pages) and complete the Secondary Employment Form  if applicable.  

UNCW Secondary Employment Policy

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