Coastal Open Resource App Lab


Coastal Open Resource App Lab

The UNCW UNCW Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) is committed to supporting local software engineers, coders, web designers and app developers. We are pleased to announce that the Coastal Open Resource App Lab (CORAL) is now open. Access to a wide range of mobile devices is now available to all members of the CIE and becoming a CIE member is easy and free of charge. Just fill out and submit this application form.

Developing Web-based applications for mobile devices requires testing on actual equipment. Due to the fragmented nature of operating systems and the cost of acquiring a comprehensive pool of test devices, most developers aren't able to thoroughly test their Web and app creations. We offer a plethora of devices, including the latest mobile gadgets. Over time, the devices will evolve to keep pace with industry standards.

Stop by and take advantage of this free resource. CORAL is open to the Web community, students, faculty and staff. CORAL fosters an environment that supports Web and app developers and encourages the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship.

All testing must be conducted on site. To learn more about CIE membership, please contact us.