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GIS Internet mapping applications are increasingly being created to give users the ability to interact with spatial data. These tools are quite widespread, however, they are predominantly developed by local and regional governments for cadastral information (or parcel data) dissemination.

In the Oculina GIS online application, data layers have been collected and integrated to create a multi-media presentation of the unique qualities of the Oculina region. Specifically, the GIS tools allow the user to select dive picture locations, view the attributes, and hyperlink to the associated pictures as well as small video clips of the undersea environment. Additionally, the data includes several fish catch layers which document the abundance of fish species at quadrants throughout Atlantic Florida. Again, the user may select a quadrant (or polygon) and view the attributes to see the catch data for each year.

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When you open the Internet Map Service (IMS) GIS application a new window will open. Simply close the window to go back to this Internet Explorer window to continue using the web site. Click on the link below to launch the Oculina IMS:

The Oculina GIS IMS

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