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31 Students Showcase Work at Higher Education Symposium

Saturday, January 06, 2018

Thirty-one students enrolled in higher education graduate programs showcased their research at a Higher Education Program Symposium at the Watson College on Dec. 7.

“This event has evolved for us over time, and now includes presentations from select master’s and doctoral core courses in higher education,” said James DeVita, assistant professor of higher education and M.Ed. program coordinator. “This gives students an opportunity to see what happens in other courses and to interact in a different setting. We also have our Culminating Project students present and defend their research projects at the event, which enables current master’s students to see the type of work they’ll be completing in the program.

The following students participated in the event:

Culminating Student Research

  • Qaadir Hicks, A Dance for Social Justice: How Dance Performance Can Launch Social Justice Change
  • Da’Esha McPhaul, Perceived Long-Term Impact of Summer Bridge Participation on Academic and Social Transition to College: A Pilot Study of Alumni Participants
  • Kristin Pinder, Embarking Upon Lifelong Learning in Student Affairs: Opportunities for Graduate Students

EDL 523 Research in Higher Education Student Projects

  • La’Mon Johnson, Dalton Langdon, Kristen Pinder, Jaimie Updegraff and Amanda Vincent, Graduate Student Perceptions of Mentorship
  • Darion Bayles, Essence Collins, Alissa Guest, Qaadir Hicks and Da’Esha McPhaul, Social Media for Educational Purposes: A Mixed Methods Study
  • Tyler Johnson, Shannon Verlotte and Emily Youngman, Perceptions of Depression in Education Students Based on Gender
  • Erin Carter, Lukas Hibell, Terrell Bryant, Hannah Montgomery and Shawn Sperbeck, Effects of Involvement on Students Who Live On-Campus

Ed.D. Student Research Projects

  • Paige Anderson, Educational Entrepreneurship in the academic capitalism knowledge/learning regime: An institutional case study of professional master’s engineering programs
  • Brian Gano, A Sense of Belonging as a Measure for Social Justice Change at Colleges and Universities
  • Erika Hanson, Examining Predictive Factors of Student Academic Success and Persistence in Early Alert Systems
  • Yolanda Keith, College Choice of Black Students and Enrollment Trends on College Campuses
  • Garrett Knudson, Sports Skills to Job Skills: Transferable Skills Programming for Collegiate Athletic Departments
  • Terry Locklear, Managing Distance Education Programs at Colleges and Universities
  • Shannon Pease, Academic Success of Minority Male Student-Athletes
  • Courtney Porter, Introducing New Fees: A Case Study on Program Specific Fees at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Beth Ann Bryant-Richards, The ABCs of Promoting Universal Design for Learning to Faculty Teaching Traditional Face-to-face Classes: Attitudes, Barriers and Communication
  • Clay Smith, Soldier to Scholar: The Impact of a Unit-Level Resource group on the Military Veteran Student Experience
  • Jennie Strange, Elon University: A Strategic Climb to the Top
  • Sohail Sukhera, The Future Role of Community Colleges in Higher Education
  • Sara Thorndike, Why Student Financial Literacy Programs are important and what makes them effective

Higher education faculty members James DeVita, Andrew Ryder, Kevin McClure and Symphony Oxendine coordinated the event, with assistance from graduate assistant Travis Wright.