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Onslow Teachers Study Abroad in South Africa through WCE’s SACHL Project

Saturday, September 03, 2016

In July 2015, Watson College received a $89,279 Fulbright-Hays Short-Term Study abroad grant through the U.S. Department of Education to provide an intensive field experience for veteran teachers.

WCE department chairs Donyell Roseboro and Kathy Fox, and faculty members Eleni Pappamihiel and Elizabeth Crawford partnered with Onslow County Schools on the grant which enabled the College to create a South African Culture, History and Literacy (SACHL) Project for Onslow County teachers.

Twelve teachers from Carolina Forest International Elementary School participated in the SACHL Project. The group met monthly throughout the 2015-16 academic year before beginning a four-week study abroad experience in July, where they worked alongside South African teachers focusing on building cross-cultural competence.

The trip was the first study abroad program offered by Watson College specifically for veteran educators.

“Given the increasing emphasis on global education, this kind of opportunity is phenomenal for veteran teachers,” said Roseboro.

“We have been pursuing global opportunities for our teachers and students for the past three years,” said Helen Gross, former Carolina Forest principal, in a quote that appeared in UNCW’s story announcing the grant award in July 2015. “None of that compares to having an opportunity to study and work abroad for a month. This opportunity is going to be life-changing for the teachers selected to participate and will certainly impact their teaching for years to come, and provide learning opportunities for our students.”

Carolina Forest is an elementary school in Jacksonville, N.C. that focuses on global education. It has been a part of the UNCW Partnership in Action School Program since 2012.

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