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CESTEM Hosts Workshops on Vernier Probeware, SeaPerch

Thursday, September 01, 2016

WCE’s Center for Education in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics held two professional development workshops for STEM teachers in September.

Vernier Probeware Workshop – Sept. 20

A science and technology workshop for teachers in grades 5-12 was held at the Watson College on September 20.

New Hanover High school science teachers Craig Rankin and Robert Ott and CESTEM interim director Chris Gordon instructed the workshop, which focused on the integration of Vernier Probeware into the classroom. Vernier provides easy-to-use products including data loggers, sensors and graphing/analysis software.

“Venier probes and software are appropriate for any grade level and there are sensors that can address nearly any scientific or mathematics concept,” said CESTEM interim director Chris Gordon.

Hundreds of probes, including new Bridge Tester and Water Quality Monitoring equipment, are available to teachers through CESTEM’s Technology Loan program.

For information on Vernier including online training and lab ideas visit http://www.vernier.com/.

For information on the CESTEM Technology Loan Program visit https://www.uncw.edu/cestem/loan.html.

SeaPerch Workshop – Sept. 23-24

CESTEM held a SeaPerch workshop on the last weekend of September. The two-day event featured hands-on activities in Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) construction and operation. The workshop was designed for teachers who coach SeaPerch teams. SeaPerch is a program where students design, build and operate an underwater ROV to accomplish a series of tasks.

Building a SeaPerch ROV teaches basic skills in ship and submarine design and encourages students to explore naval architecture and marine and ocean engineering principles. It also teaches basic science and engineering concepts and tool safety and technical procedures. Students learn engineering and design skills and are exposed to careers possible in naval architecture and naval, ocean and marine engineering.

The SeaPerch program is sponsored by the Office of Naval Research (ONR) and managed by the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) Foundation.

Participants in the CESTEM workshop will all being at least one team to the 2017 regional SeaPerch competition. The event will be held on January 21 at the Dinah E. Gore Fitness & Aquatics Center on the Brunswick Community College campus. More than 120 students on 40 SeaPerch teams are expected to participate.

For more information visit www.seaperch.org.

For information on CESTEM workshops visit https://www.uncw.edu/cestem/pd.html.