UNC System President Margaret Spellings Calls UNCW a "Beach-Side Powerhouse"

Friday, May 06, 2016

President Spellings will meet with students, faculty, staff and campus leadership during her 100 days of listening, learning about and experiencing first-hand what makes the UNC system the greatest public university in the country.

On her blog, she writes about her visit to UNC Wilmington. Here is an excerpt:

The tour of UNC Wilmington actually marks the second time I’ve had the pleasure of visiting “UNC by the Sea,” as one campus trustee called it. Chancellor Zito Sartarelli’s installation in March gave me a glimpse of the pride and beauty of this place, not to mention a chance to see Zito’s energy and drive up close. He’s the right man for the job, a leader with ambition and spirit of service for a campus that is growing and thriving.

UNC Wilmington is a relatively young institution, founded in the years after World War II to serve the booming population of returning veterans looking to put their GI Bill benefits to good use. Thanks to the far-sighted investment of local and state leaders, the original Wilmington College has grown into a regional power, welcoming nearly 15,000 undergraduates and boosting a strong coastal economy.

The visit was a great opportunity to celebrate the passage of the Connect NC Bond, which is going to transform UNCW’s College of Health and Human Services with a new building and new opportunities for collaborative teaching. By bringing nursing, social work, clinical research, and a host of other health science disciplines into closer contact, the new facility will help students learn the same way they will work — partnering with other agencies and health providers to offer a more comprehensive approach to patient care. With an aging population and chronic health needs in the eastern region, North Carolina’s investment in quality health education going to pay dividends for decades to come.

Read President Spellings's entire blog entry on the UNC system website.