Tau Sigma National Honor Society Induction Reels in Big Numbers

Monday, February 29, 2016

The University of North Carolina Wilmington’s Beta Kappa Chapter of the Tau Sigma National Honors Society recently held its induction ceremony for the 2015-16 class. This year, 122 transfer students were formally inducted, a number at least twice the size of last year’s induction ceremony.

UNCW’s Beta Kappa Chapter has been consistently recognized by the national office as one of the most active Tau Sigma chapters in the country, and this year’s class will be no exception.

“I’m extremely proud of the effort our executive board and members have put into our chapter this year,” said Thomas Tascone, one of the program’s advisers and UNCW’s transfer coordinator. The impressive numbers of this year’s inducted class have much to do with the Beta Kappa Chapter’s commitment to the transfer student experience. The transfer student community at UNCW is highly involved, due in large part to Tau Sigma, their devotion to community service and their intrinsic leadership abilities.

The Tau Sigma Honors Society was created specifically to promote and recognize the achievements and academic involvement of transfer students. Membership into Tau Sigma is by invitation only. Students must earn at least a 3.50 GPA within their first semester after transferring in order to receive an invitation. With roots at Auburn University, the organization developed as a way to address the needs of underserved transfer students. Today, Tau Sigma boasts over 175 chapters in four-year universities all across the country.

“They are bright, talented and professional students,” said Tascone proudly. “They are excellent representatives of the transfer student population here at UNCW.”

-- Caitlin Taylor