New Issue of "Palaver" Published

Monday, December 21, 2015

The fall 2015 issue of Palaver, the online interdisciplinary journal housed in UNCW’s Graduate Liberal Studies program, is now available. In the pages of Palaver are a vast assortment of works from writers and artists all over the nation.

Among the features in this issue of Palaver is “Peach Melba,” which Managing Editor Erin Ball describes as “a dark fall into the last meal of a murderer.” “Fabio of Third Street: A Liver Epistle” is a moving narrative about the impact of a mysterious illness on a family. Meanwhile, Dallas Woodburn takes a scholarly look at “Flannery O’Connor and Aimee Bender: Pushing the Boundaries of Disabilities in Fiction,” authors who, Woodburn argues, “can be read as challenging and complicating the prevailing notions of disability in their respective time periods.”

Palaver has plenty of poetry or visual art among its 212 pages, as well. The journal, run by University of North Carolina Wilmington students, publishes work that explores multiple disciplines and encourages contributors to submit work that reflects their personal intellectual journey.

-- Tricia Vance