North Carolina Campus Compact Presents Community Impact Award to UNCW Senior Steven Núñez

Monday, November 09, 2015

UNCW senior Steven Núñez received a Community Impact Award Nov. 7 from North Carolina Campus Compact in recognition of his outstanding leadership and service.  

Campus Compact, a statewide network of colleges and universities with a shared commitment to community engagement, presented 21 awards during a ceremony at UNC Pembroke to honor one student leader at each member school. More than 200 college students have received the Community Impact Award since it was first presented in 2006.

Núñez is an active leader who works to advance social justice and civic engagement. Before the 2014 midterm election, he organized the Political Empowerment Speaker Series to educate fellow students about the importance of informed political engagement. He recently founded Project Theology in Action, a partnership with Mercy House, to engage with the Wilmington community. This fall he presented at the 10th Annual UNC Wilmington Men’s Leadership Summit, and he was appointed as Student Government Nontraditional Senator.

A double-major in Philosophy & Religion and Anthropology, Núñez’s experience as a former Special Forces Weapons Sergeant has shaped his leadership style as well as his passion to embrace people from all walks of life.

“It’s always awkward for me to be put in the spotlight, but I am a product of my environment, and the recognition I receive is reflective of the wonderful people who continue to inspire me to keep fighting to make the world a better place for everything in it,” Nunez said. “As a U.S. Army Special Forces Weapons Sergeant, the motto ‘De Oppresso Liber,’ or ‘freeing the oppressed,’ has become the central tenet to my personal ethos and the aim of every goal I have dreamt to accomplish in my adult life.”

-- N.C. Campus Compact