CastleBranch/tekMountain Commits to 5-Year WITX Sponsorship

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

CastleBranch/tekMountain has agreed to a 5-year sponsorship of WITX (Wilmington Information Technology eXchange). Hosted at UNCW, the annual conference brings together students, faculty, staff and local information technology professionals to share their experiences and demonstrate their leading technology endeavors.

Now in its twelfth year, the 2015 conference focused on growing technology businesses in southeast North Carolina and making IT departments more innovative. A premier sponsor of this past year’s event, CastleBranch/tekMountain decided to not only renew its contract, but up its investment.

“We view our relationship with WITX as a tremendous investment opportunity – an investment in the tech future of our community,” said Joe Finley, president of CastleBranch/tekMountain. “We are committed to Wilmington and believe that the best years are ahead of us. Our commitment to WITX comes from a desire to be an agent of change in the community. We recognize a lack of tech talent in our community and feel our relationship with WITX is actually doing something to address this very real concern.”

CastleBranch is a nationally recognized background screening and compliance management company with a focus on providing solutions to colleges and universities. tekMountain strives to expand the technology footprint in southeast NC by providing a technology co-working space and Edtech solutions to the clients of CastleBranch.

“They say it takes a village to raise a child,” said Kelli Davis, a UNCW graduate and CIO of CastleBranch/tekMountain. “I think it takes an involved community to effect change, growth and to nurture our local tech talent. CastleBranch/TekMountain is dedicated to developing technology startups in a fun, unique and versatile space.”

WITX was envisioned by a corporate advisory board in the Cameron School of Business Department of Information Systems and Operations Management as a way to increase connections between UNCW faculty and students and the local technology sector. Sixty-two people participated in the inaugural conference. According to Tom Janicki, Progress Energy/Gordon Hurlbert Distinguished Professor of Management Information Systems in the Cameron School of Business and chair of WITX, this year’s conference, held on April 14, was the most well-attended with 441 registrants.