Winter Edition of UNCW Magazine: Research Redefined

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Temperatures may be down, even at the beach, but research achievements at UNCW are way up. While impressive research is a well-known UNC system attribute, UNCW is unique in how we combine research with teaching.

If you think only of sterile laboratories when you hear the word “research,” the Winter 2014 issue of UNCW Magazine may change your perception of what the university’s research teams are doing every day. Both basic and applied research are happening on campus, of course, but also in the region’s waterways and elementary school classrooms, via Wall Street investments, on birdwatching field trips and even in the grocery store!

Students aren’t simply hypothesizing; they are acting on those hypotheses and getting a glimpse of what it means to be on the front lines of research. It is an interactive experience, one that empowers emerging researchers to partner with experts in their field: UNCW faculty whose passion is matched only by their commitment to teaching. That combination of excellence in instruction and outstanding research initiatives is yet another element of UNCW that sets us apart from other universities.

Browse online for a glimpse of the powerful learning experience UNCW students have when they engage in research far beyond their curriculum materials, working hand in hand with world-class faculty members to gain valuable work – and life – experience.