UNCW Receives Nearly $300,000 Grant from National Science Foundation for STEM Teacher Education Program

Friday, December 05, 2014

The National Science Foundation has awarded UNCW a two-year Noyce Capacity Building grant in the amount of $299,974 to develop an integrated Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) teacher education program.

The “Integrated Certificate in STEM Education (INCISE)” project is an innovative career pathway for secondary education teachers. It will be offered both as an undergraduate degree and a graduate certificate program beginning in fall 2017 through a joint initiative of UNCW’s Watson College of Education and College of Arts and Sciences. STEM education courses focus on science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

UNCW faculty members on the project team include:
-  Mahnaz Moallem, Watson College of Education (principal investigator)
-  Sridhar Narayan, computer science
-  Gabriel Lugo, mathematics and statistics
-  Gene Tagliarini, computer science
-  Amy Reamer, director of the NC State Engineering 2+2 Transfer Program at UNCW
-  Chris Gordon, assistant director of UNCW’s Center for Education in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (CESTEM)
-  Carol McNulty, associate dean for academic and student affairs in the Watson College

In addition, several scientists and educators from UNCW will assist in curriculum design and development, including:
-   Sridhar Varadarajan, associate professor of chemistry and biochemistry
-   Russ Herman, professor of physics and mathematics
-   Stuart Borrett, associate professor of biology and marine biology
-   Dennis Kubasko, associate professor of secondary science education
-   Angelia Reid-Griffin, associate professor of K-12 science education
-   Shelby Morge, associate professor of middle grade mathematics

UNCW academic leaders Ron Vetter, associate provost for research and dean of the UNCW Graduate School; Martin Posey, associate vice chancellor and dean of undergraduate studies; Cecil Willis, interim associate vice chancellor for external affairs, and Sue Kezios, youth programs director, have also made a strong commitment to the project.

UNCW received 30 letters of support for the program from school districts and businesses. Future employers, including school superintendents from eight counties and administrators from three community colleges, are part of the planning and development team. Additional participants include Cape Fear Center for Inquiry, SEGS Academy, Old River Farms and Cape Fear Museum.