UNCW Students, Faculty Tour U.S. Supreme Court

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A group of UNCW students enrolled in a pre-law learning community course for freshmen recently traveled to Washington, D.C. with their course instructors to witness oral arguments in the Supreme Court Chamber.

While there, they also heard opinions and questions from the nine Supreme Court Justices about the cases under consideration. The group witnessed arguments concerning a voting rights case from Alabama and a tax case from Maryland.

Afterward, the students were given a tour of the building by the Deputy Clerk for Administration Gary Kemp.  He informed them about the overall process of cases in the Supreme Court, from the filing of cases to when they reach the court for the Justices’ review. The group’s Nov. 11-12 field trip also included a tour of the Holocaust Museum.

The course instructors are Babette Boyd, a lecturer in sociology and criminology; Stephen Meinhold, professor of public and international affairs; and John Scherer, associate general counsel for UNCW.

“Several of the students expressed interest and excitement about working in D.C., including at the Supreme Court,” said Scherer, who has incorporated Supreme Court material into class discussions. “I am grateful that the experience may have spurred interest in our government or public service.”