UNCW Honors Coastal Land Trust Founder with the Albert Schweitzer Honors Scholars Award

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Camilla Herlevich, founder and executive director of the North Carolina Coastal Land Trust, is the 2014 recipient of the Albert Schweitzer Honors Scholars Award, the University announced today. Since its inception, the Coastal Land Trust has saved more than 60,000 acres of pine forests, wetlands, sound-side beaches and streams across Southeastern North Carolina.

"I am deeply humbled and very grateful to be honored by UNCW," she said. The UNCW Honors College and William Randall Library presented the award to Herlevich, a New Hanover County native.

The award, presented annually since 2002, recognizes a person in the Cape Fear area who exemplifies the attributes and ideals of the late Albert Schweitzer, a medical missionary and Nobel Peace Prize winner. Schweitzer Honors Scholars Award recipients, past and present, demonstrate passion and commitment to the community, and they take action to inspire change, said Kate Bruce, Honors College director.

"They have a walk that matches their talk," she added.

Herlevich, known for her collaborative approach with the community, focuses on partnerships with public and private landowners who share her commitment to the environment. As a result, she has been able to save large tracts of land that serve as habitats for countless animals and plants.

As part of the award presentation, she delivered a guest lecture to the Honors Scholars First-Year Seminar class. At first, Herlevich said she thought it was "preposterous" to include her name on an award named for Schweitzer, a physician, minister and accomplished musician who also established a missionary hospital in Africa. After learning more about the famed humanitarian, though, she realized that she shared his “reverence for life” philosophy.

As a conservationist, Herlevich said, “Reverence for life means recognizing the interconnectedness of nature and preserving it.”