Lt. Gov. Dan Forest Visits Campaign Finance Minor Class

Thursday, November 20, 2014

N.C. Lt. Gov. Dan Forest visited the UNCW campus on Nov. 18 to share his insights about political campaigns with students pursuing a new campaign management minor offered by the Departments of Public and International Affairs and Communication Studies. The lieutenant governor also met with Chancellor Bill Sederburg at UNCW.

“The students were excited about the opportunity to talk campaign strategy with a real-world, statewide elected official,” said Earl Sheridan, professor and chair of public and international affairs. “I am certain that they learned a great deal. This is the kind of experience that we try to give our students with our campaign management minor: a real-world as well as academic understanding of how campaigns work.”

Lecturer Angela Douglas invited Forest and Hal Weatherman, his chief of staff and former campaign manager, to visit her Campaign Management and Strategies course. Earlier this semester, she welcomed several speakers from diverse political backgrounds to attend two courses she teaches as part of the new minor. Forest is the first Republican lieutenant governor to be elected in North Carolina in more than 20 years.

“Lt. Gov. Forest offered great insight on running a successful statewide campaign with little money and almost no name recognition,” she said. “Beyond his past election, we discussed the senatorial campaigns of 2014 as well as his future in politics.”

He encouraged the students to focus on “vision, strategy and messaging” in all of their campaign endeavors, Douglas added, whether they are running for office or managing a campaign.