UNCW Involvement Carnival: Popular Welcome Event Connects Campus, Community

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

View video highlights and photos from the event.

More than 350 campus and community organizations participated in the annual UNCW Involvement Carnival on Aug. 27. The popular event, part of UNCWelcome 2014, provides a showcase of opportunities and resources available to students on and off campus.

Student organizations, UNCW departments, religious organizations, community service agencies and local businesses all participate.

Erin McCarty, a senior majoring in recreation therapy and an office ambassador for LGBTQIA, said, “The Involvement Carnival is a way for us to reach out to students in a judgment-free zone. Not only are we here to educate, but we’re also here to provide a comfortable setting for students who feel uncomfortable in seeking us out on their own.”

The carnival is one of the best outreach events on campus, said Gina Garera, academic advisor in University College. “My first-year students always ask the question: ‘How do I get involved?’ And my response continues to stay the same: ‘Go to the involvement carnival.’ It’s a one-stop shop that gets everyone together,” she said.

Britt Cobble with Lowes Foods has participated in the carnival for the past two years. He and other Lowes Foods employees handed out coupon books to help students save on groceries. “This is one event that we always enjoy because there’s just a great turnout,” he said. “The university is very accommodating. It helps us partner with the community and UNCW. It’s a great awareness activity for us to participate in.”

Caitlyn Steiss, a freshman majoring in nursing, said she received valuable information about different student groups. “I am getting a lot of information,” she said. “There are a lot of organizations out here.”

Ariel Murray, senior majoring in public health, talked to a group of young women about joining the figure skating club. Murray said the carnival is a valuable asset. “My freshman year, I was one of those dorm bodies,” she said. “I came out to the fair and I met all of these people. It’s a really great way to get your foot in the door as far as meeting people; especially if you are new here because it can be really hard for some people like me who are shy or hesitant about trying new things.”