UNCW Signs Agreement with Ocis Biotechnology to License Application of Revolutionary Molecular Technology

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The University of North Carolina Wilmington has formed a public-private partnership with MARBIONC tenant Ocis Biotechnology, the university announced today. The first partnership of its kind, the agreement gives Ocis Biotechnology the licensing rights to Escortin™. Developed by MARBIONC researchers, Escortin™ will be used in upcoming Ocis research for a new “direct-cell delivery” molecule with vitamin C.  

“There is a vast, untapped mine of intellectual property at MARBIONC that is the biomedical gold rush of the future and we are eager to begin working with their research team whose expertise will play a principal role in our future success,” said Ocis Biotechnology CEO Lisa Day. “We all see the future in therapeutic delivery technology and we are confident in our growth and the ability to create job opportunities for UNCW graduates and the Wilmington community.”  

Over the next several weeks, Ocis will work with a MARBIONC research team led by Andrea Bourdelais, UNCW research associate professor, to collect preliminary data for a Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) grant application. If awarded, the grant will support research and future commercialization efforts of the Escortin™ vitamin C conjugate. 

“MARBIONC was conceived to create opportunities for UNCW exactly like the partnership we are forming with Ocis Biotechnology,” said Dan Baden, MARBIONC executive director. “If this research proves that the conjugate can successfully permeate the skin, MARBIONC and Ocis will be able to create a product that hasn’t been seen on the market before and has the potential to drastically change lives for the better.”

Research efforts will be placed on how the controlled delivery of vitamin C to specific locations effects tissue regeneration in chronic wound healing and vision correction. Past studies have shown that vitamin C can regenerate, renew and repair tissue by stimulating and accelerating the body’s native tissue production mechanism. 

With successful research outcomes, Ocis and MARBIONC will move into the development phase, creating a topical product that can be purchased by companies for use in new or existing products. The licensing deal will allow Ocis to commercialize the product, which will make the company a dominant player in the tissue regeneration business, currently an $80 billion market.