UNCW Visiting Research Assistant Professor Will Attend Advanced Bioorganic Chemistry Conference

Monday, June 10, 2013

Elizabeth Skellam, a visiting research assistant professor in the UNCW Center for Marine Science and recent MBA graduate, is among a select group of post-doctoral students attending an advanced bioorganic chemistry conference in Sao Paulo next month. She will attend the conference, sponsored by Sao Paulo State's Research Foundation (FAPESP), June 30-July 5 in Araraquara, Brazil. The school includes talks and discussion sessions from highly qualified scientists and leaders in the field covering bioorganic chemistry, involving aspects of natural products, medicinal chemistry, synthesis and spectroscopic methods.

Skellam is a recent graduate of the Business of Marine Biotechnology program, a partnership between the UNCW Center for Marine Science and the Cameron School of Business, which offers post-doctoral fellows the chance to work on cutting-edge research in marine biotechnology while earning their Master of Business Administration.

"I'm ecstatic to have been chosen to participate in this program," says Skellam. "It's an opportunity to meet fellow scientists with similar research interests as well as globally-known speakers, broadening my understanding of these inter-related scientific fields and enhancing my research. I think that a factor in my selection for this event was my participation in the Business of Marine Biotechnology program, which has provided me with a whole new skill set, which I'm very grateful for."