UNCW Mission Statement Development Update

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

To: UNCW Faculty and Staff
From: Denise A. Battles, Provost
Date: March 19, 2013
Re: UNCW mission statement development update

Dear UNCW Colleagues,

I am writing with an update on the work of the university's Strategic Action Planning Workgroup (membership listed below), which is charged with revisiting and refreshing the Transforming Ideas into Action strategic plan and incorporating into it Chancellor Miller's Dare to Soar vision. You may recall that the workgroup's early efforts have focused on the revision of the university's mission statement. An initial draft of that material was made available to campus community members in late January with a call for feedback via email, campus mail, and an open forum. We appreciate that a number of individuals, inclusive of students, staff, and faculty, took advantage of one or more of those feedback opportunities, providing information used by the workgroup to revise the first draft. The second version, that of February 15, 2013, was disseminated to campus in mid-February with another call for feedback. That call elicited fewer responses than the first and, unlike the original draft, revealed no major themes with regard to the suggested changes. Following discussion of the feedback, the workgroup members decided to advance for cabinet and the Chancellor's consideration the version of February 15. I'm writing to inform you of the endorsement of that proposed statement by the cabinet and Chancellor. The next step in the mission revision process will be action by the Board of Trustees, and the current plan is to advance the proposed statement to that entity for consideration at its April 2013 meeting. Please note that the final step in this process will be action by the UNC Board of Governors.

The Strategic Action Planning Workgroup appreciates the participation by campus community members in this important process and looks forward to continued engagement as we turn our attention to the refinement of the UNCW strategic vision statement, core values, and goals and objectives.


Denise A. Battles, Provost and Workgroup Chair

Strategic Action Planning Workgroup:

Midori Albert, Faculty representative
David Cordle, Dean representative
Mark Lanier, Chancellor's Office representative
Ann Pabst, Faculty representative
Jarrett Piner, Staff representative
Nelson Reid, (former) UNCW Director of University Planning
Mike Walker, University Leadership representative
Victoria Willetts, Student representative