Memo from the Provost: Finalization of a Draft Mission Statement

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

TO: Faculty and Staff
FROM: Denise A. Battles, Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
DATE: February 19, 2013
SUBJECT: Finalization of a Draft Mission Statement

The Strategic Action Planning Workgroup is continuing to work to revise and update our institution's strategic plan, Transforming Ideas into Action, and to incorporate into it Chancellor Miller's Dare to Soar vision and three themes: Commitment to the Journey of Learning, Love of Place, and the Power of Ideas and Innovation. The finalization of a draft mission statement is the essential first step in our activities. We appreciate the feedback received from members of the campus community in response to the draft UNCW mission statement distributed last month.

We have revised the draft statement based on those contributions, which came to us through the Feb. 5 open forum, emails to, and direct communication with workgroup members. Please find the results of our efforts, on which we again would like to request feedback so that we may finalize our recommended version. We ask that contributions be sent via email to or campus mail to the Strategic Action Planning Workgroup, Office of the Provost, Alderman Hall 111. While feedback will continue to be accepted until the proposed mission statement is finalized, responses received by Wednesday, Feb. 27 are particularly welcome.

Thank you for your consideration and look forward to your contributions.

Strategic Action Planning Workgroup:
Midori Albert, Faculty Representative
David Cordle, Dean Representative
Mark Lanier, Chancellor's Office Representative
Ann Pabst, Faculty Representative
Jarrett Piner, Staff Representative
Nelson Reid, (former) UNCW Director of University Planning
Mike Walker, University Leadership Representative
Victoria Willetts, Student Representative