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Travel for Student Groups

Student Group Travel Information

UNCW has contracts with three travel agencies to make airfare arrangements for student groups which are directly billed to the university.

The three travel agencies are Maupin Travel, Fellowship Travel International (International Programs Study Abroad only), and Anthony Travel (Athletic Teams only).

For more information on these agencies, please visit our Travel Agencies page.

Lodging expenses for student groups can be prepaid directly to the lodging establishment, charged to the faculty/staff leader's travel card, or reimbursed after trip is complete.

UNCW partners with several local lodging establishments to provide lodging for UNCW visitors on university business.

Visit our Local Lodging page for a list of local hotels.

If third party lodging is chosen, the faculty/staff leader must consult with the department to ensure third party requirements are met.

Review Third Party Lodging requirements on the Travel for Employees page for more information.

All meals are reimbursed at a rate set by the Office of State Budget and Management (OSBM). This meal per diem applies to all travelers whether they are employees, students, or non-employees.

When traveling as a student group, the Faculty/Staff leader pays for the meals. Receipts are required to be reimbursed for the meals when there is a student group trip. If the faculty/staff leader provides per diem to the students, they must keep a log with signatures.

The total for all meals must stay within the set per diem rate guidelines. All tips for meals are included in the per diem rate.

Please refer to the Other Transportation section on the Travel for Employees page for more information.

Contact Purchasing if chartering a bus for a student group trip.

Personal mileage is reimbursable to the faculty/staff leader only if the leader is driving their personal vehicle and the entire student group is riding in that vehicle.

Personal mileage is not reimbursed to any students in the group.

Below are the options for paying a conference registration fee for a student group.

  1. Faculty/Staff leader uses their Travel Card for the group fee
  2. UNCW prepays through an expense report via Chrome River
  3. Faculty/Staff leader pays personally and is reimbursed after the trip concludes

Registration and/or event fees for foreign travel should be coordinated through Fellowship International.

Registration and/or event fees for Athletics should be coordinated through Anthony Travel.

There are three options for renting a vehicle for a student group.

  1. Faculty/Staff leader of student group can rent a van via the online booking tool on the Chrome River homepage.
  2. Faculty/Staff leader can rent a vehicle using the Travel Card.
  3. Faculty/Staff leader can reserve a charter bus via Purchasing

Athletics should rent vehicles for team travel via Anthony Travel.

Taxi/Uber/Lyft costs are a reimbursable expense only. These should only be used when the entire student group can ride in the same vehicle.