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Online Submission System

Step-by-Step Guide

  • Use your UNCW credentials to log in to OSPREY
  • Preferred Browsers: Chrome, Firefox
  • Enable Pop-Ups

Helpful Hint: If you are already logged into another UNCW system, OSPREY will automatically connect.

  • Click the Create Initial Disclosure button
  • Note: You can access and edit your disclosure multiple times before submitting

Personalize your screen: Portal Configurations will allow you to enable, hide and move the "widgets" on your home screen.

  • Click on the section tabs on the left of the form
  • Click Previous and Next buttons to move to the next section
  • Click the “All Pages” Tab circled in red below to view all sections at once

System Configurations: When you respond “Yes” to a question, branching logic opens additional related questions.

Become familiar with the form. There are 5 possible sections:

  • Contact information section
  • Initial screening questions
  • Financial interest and entity information section (will not appear if you respond “No” to both screening questions)
  • Mandatory additional questions
  • Certification section

Helpful Hint: Instructions and links are provided throughout the form.

Section A: General Contact Information

  • Your contact information will auto-populate
  • Verify the information is accurate

System Configurations: Your contact information pulls from the UNCW HR records. Any corrections need to be processed in Banner by the administrative associate in your department.

Section B: Information

If you respond “Yes” to questions B.1 or B.2, Section C will appear, where you can enter details about your activities.

Not sure what types of activites should be disclosed?

Following are examples of activities, interests and relationships that employees should disclose on their annual disclosure forms. However, please note that this is not an exhaustive list.

Publicly Traded Companies

Ownership of stock, options, from any entity during the preceding 12 months, for you and your family members that appears to be related to your institutional responsibilities.

Note: Investments in which you do not directly control investment decisions, such as mutual funds or retirement accounts, do not need to be disclosed.

Privately Held or Nonprofit Companies

Any ownership or equity interest from any entity whose stock is not publicly traded, by you and your family members that appears to be related to your institutional responsibilities.

Other Financial Interests

  • Any secondary employment that is related to your professional responsibilities at the Examples would include: private consulting, serving on a board of directors, speaking engagement, etc.
  • Royalties from textbooks or other scholarly works.

Intellectual Property Rights

  • Intellectual Property (IP) in which you or your family members, have an existing or proposed licensing interest.
  • IP rights held (or in negotiation) for a pending or issued patent in which you or your family members are listed as investors, excluding unlicensed IP held by UNCW.

External Roles

Paid or unpaid positions of influence, by you or your family members, with an entity in which the interests of the entity appear related to your institutional responsibilities (i.e. CEO, President, Scientific Advisory Board member, etc.).

Student Involvement or Supervisory Roles

  • Situations in which an activity could create a potential conflict of interest or commitment with respect to a faculty member’s mentorship responsibility.
  • Textbook or course material selection that results in receipt of royalties or other potential financial conflicts of interest.
  • Supervising a family member.

Section C: Financial Interests and Entity Information Instructions

It's simple! Whether you have one entity or multiple entities to disclose, follow the steps below.

  1. Begin typing any part of your entity’s name and a list of known entities will appear.
  2. 2. Click on the correct entity and select “Add New."

Entity not Found?

  • If the entity name you are looking for does not appear, it’s possible we do not have that entity on our list yet.
  • In this case, please begin entering “Entity Not Found” and select the first option as a placeholder.
  • Click “Add New” and a text box will appear so that you can enter the correct entity name.
3. A new set of questions related to the newly added entity will appear.
4. Complete all questions for the entity. (Note: Questions for the 2nd entity will appear BENEATH the questions for the 1st entity. Scroll down to see them.)

Do you have a paid role with the entity?

Enter the entity compensation. are disclosing a paid role with this entity, click “Add New” on the right.
6. Complete the compensation questions.

Helpful Hint: You can skip the compensation section if the role is unpaid.

Remember scroll back to Add Entity and follow the steps above to add as many entity disclosures as necessary.

Major benefit: Save time with less data entry.

Prior activities disclosed will be saved in the system. Next year, update your recurring activities instead of re-entering them every year!

Section D: Additional Questions

  • These questions are mandatory regardless of how you responded to the screening questions in Section B.
  • If you have no activities to disclose, simply select “No” for each question.
  • When you check a “Yes” response, the question will expand to allow you to enter specifics about the activity/relationship.

Section E: Certifications

Please read the certification statements carefully. We have also provided submission instructions in this section.

Lock and Submit Form

  • Once you have completed all mandatory questions, click the Lock and Submit Form button to submit.
  • It might take a moment for the system to process your submission. Once processed, the final version of the disclosure should appear on your screen. You can close it out.
  • Be on the lookout for an alert from the pop-up blocker on your browser. The submission process relies on a pop-up window in order to complete. If pop-ups are blocked, the form may not submit properly.

Thank you for completing your Annual Conflict of Interest Form in OSPREY.